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Scratch Globe Construction Help

You’ll notice all parts A have fold lines down the centre, start by folding A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7 and A8 so that the printed pattern is on the outside.
All these pieces make up the inside of each vertical segment – a bit like a Chocolate Orange, but thankfully this won’t melt or spoil your Christmas dinner…
Parts B and C make up the horizontal pieces that create the internal structure that all A parts slot into – think of them as mini pizzas!
Step 1
Take A1 and hold vertically with the patterned side facing outwards.
Step 2
Insert B1 into the top slot.
Insert C1 into the second slot.
Insert C2 into the third slot.
Insert B2 into the bottom slot.
Make sure you slot these sections all the all the way in so that they are secure. It should look like this:


Step 3

Insert A2 —> A8 into the empty slots around the edge. It’s easiest to slide the bottom section all the way in first and then the others will follow suit!


Once complete, it should look like this:

Step 4

Starting with D1, place the outer layers onto the scratch globe slotting the folded down edges into the gaps at each side. If you’re travel pro/keen adventurer we won’t need to tell you the direction to do this in because you’ll already be bursting with knowledge about the world. For the rest of you (we’re only judging you a little bit)…it’s anti-clockwise.

Step 5

Give this 3D scratch map® to a wanderlust filled friend and let them start scratching off their adventures! Or after all that effort, you might want to keep it for yourself and get them another one!


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